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#1079: Custom AJAX action functions being called twice in /wp-admin
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 If you use WordPress admin interface hooks to introduce custom AJAX
 functionality, the actions functions are being called twice.

 The reason is because if you call the default ajaxurl (which is "http
 ://[your-site]/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php") it provides a default switch case
 that calls your action function for you.

 See: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/browser/tags/2.8.4/wp-admin/admin-

 Since BuddyPress adds its own AJAX hook that looks for the identical
 $_REQUEST variable ('action'), they BOTH execute the same action function
 in succession.

 See: http://trac.buddypress.org/browser/trunk/bp-core.php#L1707

 The only safe workaround is to set your own ajaxurl inside your custom
 jQuery function to something other than "/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php"  You
 must take care to not override the JS var "ajaxurl" that is set near the
 top of the document.  Its probably a good idea to just avoid creating a JS
 variable named "ajaxurl" altogether.

 A possible fix to the core is to do something like below, but I am not
 sure if this will have any side-effects or break other code.

 function bp_core_add_ajax_hook() {
     if ( !defined('WP_ADMIN') )
         do_action( 'wp_ajax_' . $_REQUEST['action'] );

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