[buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress] #997: New theme structure doesn't work with parent theme not being a BP framework

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#997: New theme structure doesn't work with parent theme not being a BP framework
  Reporter:  Detective  |       Owner:  Detective               
      Type:  defect     |      Status:  assigned                
  Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  1.1                     
Resolution:             |    Keywords:  has-patch, needs-testing

Comment(by Jason_JM):

 Ok. Testing now. Should be done in a bit.  I have about 30min from now to
 test, so I'll post up what I've tested.

 I don't want you to think i'm being harsh or anything.  We're all helping
 out, this is good stuff.  One step at a time, we're all here to help to
 make that lean mean buddy pressing machine. oh ya!

 Concerning the conventions, BP may not fully be safe checking everything
 and I'm sorry that I've used that as an example. The only perfect code
 I've ever seen was Windows Vista RC1.  JUST KIDDING!  But It's more of a
 type-safety issue.

 Though in the code it looks like we always have control over things like
 ($message) you really never know what can pop in there.  Run-time errors,
 security issues, etc.   With starting out using the strict string '' we
 are assured an object to pivot the comparison with.  So if $message say
 has some nasty garbage, it will always fail.  No need for any exception
 monitoring, etc.  Now the likely hood of $message really ever having
 garbage? Who knows. But it's the practice that we should use, so when
 there are times it may matter things won't be so bad.  Hopefully...

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