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#1043: The Wire: minor issues
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    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
Priority:  minor   |   Milestone:  1.1
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 1) When you want to write a Wire message, a yellow baggrund comes up
 behind the textfield which looks nice. But the first time you hover your
 mouse over this textfield the yellow bagground come a little delayed
 (0,5-1 second) as it has to load that baggrund. I think this should be
 fixed as you cant help to notice it. And it's only slow the first time.
 Maybe a solution to this would be to preload the bagground the first time?

 2) You can make the wire textfield bigger which is also very nice. But you
 can drag it too much to the right as well so it leaves the browser window
 and your unable to get it back. A solution for this might be to only allow
 the textfield to be drawn bigger vertical, not also horisontal?

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