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#1006: Member directory 'search anything' field issue
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 Currently using WPmu 2.8.4 and BP 1.03 and the bp default theme.  Issue
 present using Firefox 3.5.3 and IE 8.0.6

 Using a SSO external login system that feeds member information and fields
 from an external database to BP.  [background]

 Issue: searching for one of the additional fields in our member directory
 or by using the search field at the top of the page for 'Members' in the
 drop down box.

 Search for 'London' using either the top box or the search box in the
 member directory and returns a result of 84 members with 9 pages.  Click
 on the right arrow to page 6 when the results reach up to 50 and after
 that the results show this default display: "No members found. Members
 must fill in at least one piece of profile data to show in member lists."

 Tried this with clicking on the page numbers and get the same result.
 Tried this with two different browsers. Same result.  Tried this with
 different search terms: Los Angeles, New York City, Washington.  All
 provide a listing of results and depending on the size of the listing, the
 number of page results to appear before the same default display appears
 varies but it still happens.

 [caveat] we use an external membership script to sign in our members and
 gain access to our website and our folders, including bp. Therefore all
 members register on our external website, fill in their expansive
 datafields and the information is seamlessly passed to BP.  With that
 said, the member listing propogation is still 'learning' in that of 807
 members, only 693 are counted after clicking on each of the letters in the
 index of the member directory.  Still, I don't see how this would have an
 effect since the number of results are real.  It seems like a bug in the
 search system when the result numbers are a percentage of the total
 results.  Evidence: search for 'Miami' shows 7 results in the count but
 only displays four profiles with no direction arrows or page numbers, of
 course, because the search result is so small.

 Can provide private access to a developer if they want to see for

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