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#1003: bp_styles action hook is not initiated
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 I am trying to create a plugin. I have used the latest trunk of
 buddypress (as of 12 Sept 2009). I used the skeleton component as a
 starting point. It uses the hook bp_style as the basis for adding the
 component's css.

 I found that the css wasn't being loaded. Instead of using the action hook
 'bp_styles', I found that I had to use the hook 'wp_head'.

 In the hook function I also had to call wp_enqueue_style and follow
 this with a call to wp_print_styles.

 I can see that the bp_styles hook may have been deprecated. There will be
 a large number of plugins potentially impacted by this change in
 dependency on 'wp_head' hook.

 It might make sense to hook the bp_styles function to the wp_head action
 for backward compatibility of plugins.

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