[buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress] #979: SSL Support for bp_core_get_avatar()

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Sun Sep 6 21:33:01 UTC 2009

#979: SSL Support for bp_core_get_avatar()
Reporter:  r-a-y                      |       Owner:     
    Type:  enhancement                |      Status:  new
Priority:  major                      |   Milestone:  1.1
Keywords:  ssl,gravatar,avatar,https  |  
Changes (by r-a-y):

  * keywords:  ssl,gravatar,avatar => ssl,gravatar,avatar,https


 Just wanted to say that this is for partially-enabled SSL BP sites, so if
 SSL is enabled site-wide, the existing bp_core_get_root_domain() function
 would probably already return as HTTPS via WPMU's get_blog_option()

 There's no harm in the proposed patch; there's just an added conditional.
 But, like I said, there might be a better way to make the SSL switch...

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