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#1406: Profile Fields
Reporter:  Coen-Naninck  |       Owner:  Coen Naninck
    Type:  defect        |      Status:  new         
Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:  1.2         
Keywords:                |  
 Certain custom profile fields do not update their listed name when
 changing them. I have only tested this with check boxes, but it may also
 occur with other types of profile fields.

 1) Create a custom profile field with a check box as an option.
 2) Go to your own profile in Edit mode and select that check box as an
 option for your profile.
 3) Return to the profile field in Admin mode and change its name.
 4) Return to the profile field on your own profile.

 Notice the profile field has not changed.

 Note: This issue was first reported by me in this ticket:
 http://trac.buddypress.org/ticket/1384 in the comment section below the
 reported issue.

Ticket URL: <http://trac.buddypress.org/ticket/1406>
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