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#1342: @user notation
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 I've been noticing a lot of people on the BP forum are using the @useranme
 notation (most recently popularized by Twitter) here in the forums. It
 doesn't actually do anything, of course, but I was thinking it would be
 very cool if it actually did.

 What I'm thinking is that if someone actually used the notation @username
 somewhere on the site (@stwc to me, for example), a notification would be
 fired off (appearing on the buddybar) to that user (ie me, in this case),
 and clicking on the notification would take the user to the item in
 question, whether it's a wire comment or a forum thread or [anywhere
 else]. I think it would really help pull together the kind of... loosely-
 coupled... way that various communication channels on a BP install work.
 It could also appear as a stream in the user's messages area... it
 wouldn't of course replace anything currently in place, but it would
 leverage the kind of emergent standard people seem to automatically use,
 and might spur people on to deeper involvement in a site and with each

 This might be something better implemented in a plugin than in core, but I
 thought I'd throw it out there.

 (added to trac per suggestion from Jeff Sayre here:

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