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#1326: Double-byte characters in post url turned to mess code
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Comment(by levinng):

 Replying to [comment:9 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > What is the resolution to this?
 > Are there steps anyone can walk me through to duplicate the environment
 you're using BuddyPress in to test this more completely?

 Hi jjj,

 you could write a new post and enter the title with "學" chinese character
 word without double quote, save it and return to home page, when you move
 over the post link title in site wide activity widget, you may notice �
 character in the url instead of that chinese slug. However, I cannot found
 any �, when using wordpress alone.

 Not just one chinese word affected so far i've seen, but the unicode RAW
 url contains "%ad" will most likely mess up.

 The interim resolution to this issues is comment out the wordpress defined
 filters in bp-activity-filters.php, or modify the preg_replace_callback in
 WP's kse.

 /* Apply WordPress defined filters */
 /* add_filter( 'bp_get_activity_content', 'bp_activity_filter_kses', 1 );
 /* add_filter( 'bp_get_activity_content', 'bp_activity_filter_kses', 1 );

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