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#1332: Caching issues with profile data when using a persistent cache
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 I've noticed some issues with cached profile data when using a persistent
 cache such as memcached.

 The cached profile data isn't expired when new profile fields are added or
 when profile data is changed.

 To reproduce:

 * Configure WPMU/BP to use a persistent cache, such as memcached (e.g.
 install this plugin under /wp-content ->
 and then run a memcached server)
 * Load a member's profile page, and their edit profile page (so that their
 profile data is stored by memcached)
 * Add a new profile field, and reload the edit profile page (the new
 profile field isn't shown)
 * Update an existing profile field, and save the data (the new profile
 field data isn't shown)

 The problem is that the profile data cache isn't being expired at the
 appropriate times, e.g. when a new profile field is added, when profile
 data changes etc.

 This can be worked around using a plugin, to delete the cache at the
 appropriate times, using the provided BP hooks (example attached).

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