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Tue Dec 29 11:20:05 UTC 2009

#1503: ajax sliding, photos and notifications
Reporter:  dre1080                                     |       Owner:     
    Type:  enhancement                                 |      Status:  new
Priority:  major                                       |   Milestone:  1.2
Keywords:  ajax sliding, album, photos, notifications  |  
 1. possible to have ajax sliding through tabs on profile page, instead of
 reloading the page…? ..+ delete link for your current update that shows in
 member header on profile page..when you delete it in the activity stream
 it still displays at the top of the profile page..

 2. allow users to create photo albums or upload more than one avatar to
 their profile, and they choose which one they would like to use as their
 avatar without removing the old one out of the site and ablility to mark
 pictures as favorites.

 3. random member not working, shows error

 4. users should get a notification when a user replies or comments to
 their activity update and also get notifications when a user comments on
 something that they have marked as a favorite so that they can know when
 something new is posted and keep track.

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