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#1493: Deprecate Friends component and replace with Personal Group type
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Comment(by DJPaul):

 I agree with most of the points in these posts -
 buddypress-13#post-32115 and http://buddypress.org/forums/topic/friends-
 and-groups-for-buddypress-13#post-32157.  I'm not sold on this idea as it

 Specific points:
 MrMaz; "Friends [or other types of relationship] are one-to-one mappings.
 Groups are one-to-many."
 Mike Partt; "...friends are just groups of users. But that doesn't make
 them Groups."

 "…could be replaced with something similar to the "follow/followers" model
 of Twitter"; moving relationship mapping into the Groups component is not
 the only way to achieve this and so shouldn't be held up as a reason for
 such a change.

 "...reaps the benefits of everything the groups API can do"; this is
 extremely wooly and vague.  I need specific examples -- in the way that
 the Friends/Friends workflow is currently -- to discuss this.

 Mapping friend URLs to something like /members/john/groups/friends/ looks
 horrible.  Read the URL backwards, it doesn't make sense for this context;
 that URL to me is saying "list of friends in all groups that John is a
 member of" rather than "this is John's friends."

 Mike Pratt comments on the forum thread, "the friend group setting [for
 SWA & Personal Activity filters] could easily be done in the context of
 merely "grouping" your friends. No need to make them part of a "friend"
 group." I think this is exactly right.  Think Site Wide Tags.

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