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#1479: Universal Component Class Concept
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Comment(by MrMaz):

 I think this is a good start. I would want to take it much further and get
 all crazy OO, and stick really tight to a pattern like Template Method
 that can be used to introduce a lot more control over data

 That would look more something like this:

 // in base component class
 function get_slug() {
     if ( preg_match('/[a-z0-9]/', $this->my_slug() ) ) {
         return $this->my_slug();
     } else {
         die('your slug is no good');

 // in child component class
 function my_slug() {
     return 'appname';

 All of the base component methods would only call get_slug(), so it would
 not be possible for anyone to mess things up.  Notice there are no
 variables used, so it wouldn't be possible for someone to modify the slug
 from the outside.

 And just in general, I think global data is crazy bad, so any opportunity
 to do away with it should be taken advantage of.

 Most of this flies in the face of how WP handles just about everything, so
 I am not expecting anyone to warm up to this very much. I will say though,
 that it would be smart to use this overhaul to implement some
 encapsulation of the core functionality and global data, because right now
 anyone can fark with any data they want to.  They can just up and change
 the slug for a component!

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