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#933: Admin Bar Create Blog only when needed. [Has Patch]
Reporter:  Jason_JM                           |       Owner:     
    Type:  enhancement                        |      Status:  new
Priority:  trivial                            |   Milestone:  1.1
Keywords:  Admin-Bar, UI, Create Blog, Patch  |  
 Normally an <li> is created under blogs within the admin-bar. It reads,
 'Create a Blog! and houses an href.

 When registration is disabled, the entire entity will remain.

 Clicking on the href <li> sends the user to the blog creation area in BP.
 It is here that the user will either be able to create a blog or be
 notified that registration is disabled.

 Patch simply checks if signup is disabled and does not allow the <li> to
 output.  Since the very option of allowing the WPMU admin to disable
 signup exists, we should translate this to BP as well.

 An added benefit to cleaning up the UI is limiting the attack surface for
 system by not exposing clear application paths.

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