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#47057: Site Health Check: information about "loopback" connections is
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 In the "Site Health Check" feature, if the HTTP "loopback" test fails, you
 get this message: "The loopback request to your site failed, this means
 features relying on them are not currently working as expected."

 This is unhelpfully vague, and may not be true in the sense of not
 affecting any features the user would care about (e.g. perhaps the hosting
 company automatically sets up visits to `wp-cron.php` - are there any
 other non-super-niche features affected?).

 In https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/47046#comment:9 it's said, by
 way of examples as to what features might fail, "A couple of examples are
 starting a new WP_Cron instance, or when editing plugin or theme files
 through the admin.".

 For testing cron, a better test would be for WP to look at whether there's
 a backlog of tasks (i.e. overdue tasks) in the cron queue, rather than
 guessing based on only one possible mechanism for using cron (i.e.
 loopback). In the case of "editing plugin or theme files", that might be
 disabled anyway (some hosting companies do). If there aren't more use
 significant cases than that (editing your plugin files is a very niche
 activity), it'd be better not to trouble the user to investigate something
 vaguely specified.

 At least, it should be specific: "you won't be able to edit plugin/theme
 files directly from the WP admin area", so that the user can realise
 "well, I don't care about that, I can move on" rather than encouraging the
 user to invest resources in achieving an unnecessary perfection.

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