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#46349: Is your/this admin email still correct
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Comment (by boemedia):

 I never managed to look at the patch (sorry, couldn't get it implemented.
 But I have been working on an idea for a user flow to change the general
 admin email.

 I abandoned the idea of making it possible to change the emailadress in a
 separate screen. Instead, I thought it would be better for users to take
 them to the settings screen for making changes, so they'd recognise it for
 future reference.
 Also, my thinking was, to cause less confusion for users with admin rights
 who are not registered as the general admin email. We need some additional
 information pages (on .org?) to help clarify:

 a) the purpose of a working general admin email
 b) that the admin email given can be different from their own login email

 After a user with admin rights hits login, there are 3 possible
 1) the registered email is verified as correct: the user is taken to the
 dashboard with a notification 'thank you for verifying'
 2) the registered email needs to be changed: the user is taken to the
 settings page
 3) the user hits 'remind me later': the user is taken to the dashboard
 with 'we'll remind you again in x weeks'

 Design wise, I ran into a few things:
 - there's not really a design pattern for these info screens ahead of WP-
 admin. I didn't think the login screen would be a good basis to work from,
 so I went with a screen from the install sequence instead.
 - I wasn't sure about the colours for the notification bar to use in this
 - the dashboard view in Figma is broken, maybe because of importing from
 Sketch. So please ignore some text and titles being in the wrong place.

 I'd love some feedback on the approach/user flow, as well as some guidance
 on design standards for WordPress, as I wasn't sure if I used the right
 components at some points.

 Technically, I'm not aware of any restrictions regarding my flow, so if a
 different approach is necessary because of those, please let me know. I'm
 happy to iterate or work on a different version.

 Please take a look at the prototype here:

 All 3 scenario's work. You can move back to the login screen by hitting

 Looking forward to reading your feedback in this ticket, or if you don't
 have a .org account, please comment in the Slack design channel:

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