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#46884: Add option to allow individual child-site Privacy Policy pages on multisite
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 This is a follow-up to #43935.

 I run a couple of multisite installations (all currently running the
 latest WordPress 5.1.1), none of which fall in the category of "we need
 only a single privacy policy page to cover all child sites".  I just ran
 into a situation where I (as superadmin) was helping edit content on a
 child site, and selected the Privacy Policy / Terms page for that site as
 the official Privacy Policy page (if I remember, it was in response to a
 notice suggesting I select a Privacy Page).  I don't remember seeing any
 warning / notification that by doing so I would be disabling editing that
 page for the regular site admins of the child site.  In order to restore
 editing of this page for site admins, my choice was to either give them
 `manage_network` capabilities (not ideal), or unselect the page as the
 official Privacy Policy for the site, which is what I ended up doing (and
 also lose the useful functionality that the built-in Privacy Policy stuff
 gives, suggested inclusions from plugins etc).

 I see from the discussion in #43935 that it's suggested to use a plugin to
 allow admins to assign (and then edit) indvidual privacy policy pages.  My
 suggestion is to change the behavior to allow setting individual child
 site Privacy Policies (thereby increasing usage & adoption of this
 feature), or alternately add some UI / messaging if the behavior is going
 to stay the same to reduce confusion.

 **Preferred suggestion for improved functionality and adoption of Privacy
 Policy functionality:**

 Add a new Network > Settings option that toggles between a single
 selectable network-wide Privacy Policy page (this would address the use
 case envisioned in #43935 where it is desirable to have a single Privacy
 Policy), or (new behavior) allow individual child sites to set their own
 Privacy Policies (in which case, let normal page editing capabilities
 apply and keep it a regular page that has extra options / suggestions).

 Proposed new Network > Settings option:

 **Network Privacy Policy:**
 [ x ] Allow child sites to specify their own Privacy Policy page
 [ ] Use a single network-wide Privacy Policy page  <select site, then
 select page>  << reveal if radio button is selected

 If the first option is selected, disable Privacy Policy functions on child
 sites (maybe include in menus as an option though ("Network Privacy
 Policy" as a type of URL to include in a menu might be helpful).

 **If the behavior is not going to change in the short term, let's please
 improve the messaging:**

 On multisite, clearly state that selecting a page as a Privacy Policy page
 will then cause it to only be editable by superadmins, and if editing the
 selected Privacy Policy page, display a similar notice so that people
 aren't confused why regular site admins or editors can't edit the page.

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