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#46831: Warn users when Privacy Policy page is set as 'Homepage' or 'Posts page'
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 Keywords:  needs-patch      |     Focuses:  ui, privacy
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 Replying to [comment:2 subrataemfluence]:
 > It would be a good addition since WordPress is looking at Privacy page a
 bit differently. However, the problem is the `post_type` being used by
 this page is `page`.
 > What I have understood so far is if we can incorporate an additional
 native post_type called `Privacy` and that gets associated with the
 Privacy page created from `Settings -> Privacy` menu, it would be easier
 to handle things associated with this page.
 > In the context of this ticket we can then put a check like:
 > {{{
 > <?php if ( 'privacy' == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) || 'privacy' ==
 get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) ) : ?>
 >    <div id="front-page-warning" class="error inline"><p><?php _e(
 '<strong>Warning:</strong> Warning: these pages should not be the same as
 your Privacy Policy page!' ); ?></p>
 >    </div>
 > <?php endif; ?>
 > }}}
 > Although I am not sure how feasible it would be to create another
 > However, one can create his own Privacy page without using
 `Settings->Privacy` menu and that is always treated as `page` post_type.
 > In this scenario, the above approach will not work. Even an additional
 post_type `privacy` is introduced (?), the problem will still remain for
 custom Privacy policy pages.

 Thanks @subrataemfluence I appreciate the feedback. However, I would
 strongly suggest against a CPT for privacy pages as it would unnecessarily
 complicate the content creation and association processes. Currently,
 admins can create a page or use an existing page to associate it as the
 Privacy Policy page, forcing a CPT adds additional load and would require
 existing pages be converted to the new post type. As well this change
 would almost hide the Privacy Policy pages on the Menu Editor as Pages are
 default expanded for selection so if a new CPT was introduced it would
 become hidden like posts and custom link settings. As well as a CPT it
 would additional load to site owners and theme developers as they'd need
 to provide default template for it whereas now the page.php is being used,
 and any styling done for pages would need to be replicated.
 IMHO using a CPT for privacy pages unnecessarily complicates things and
 forces replication of existing functionality already available for pages.
 As well with all the helpers being introduced in #44005 in 5.2 developers
 can more easily customize their privacy page and menu items separate from
 their standard pages if they so desire.

 Sidenote: The `show_on_front` and `page_for_posts` options return page IDs
 so would need to compare those against the `wp_page_for_privacy_policy `
 page ID as follows;
 $privacy_policy_page = get_option( 'wp_page_for_privacy_policy' );
 if ( $privacy_policy_page == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) ||
 $privacy_policy_page == get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) ) : ?>

 *The example you provided would be unnecessary if privacy was a CPT as the
 dropdown only calls pages so no check would be needed.

 I appreciate the feedback and discussion but feel we should avoid
 complicating things with a drastic change such as switching to a CPT.

 All the best

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