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#46815: Add PHPUnit setup to composer.json
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Comment (by ayeshrajans):

 I always wondered why we don't use the `composer.json` file to install
 PHPUnit, but have a complex switch/case matrix in `.travis.yml` with
 `composer install phpunit/phpunit` calls.

  - Because we use different phpunit versions for each PHP version, we
 cannot use the same `composer.lock` file. When `composer install` is run,
 composer will install the exact list of packages regardless of the
 platform PHP version. As a solution, we can remove shipping our
 `composer.lock` file. PHPUnit promptly follows server, and we shouldn't be
 afraid of minor updates.

  - With the `.travis.yml`, PHPUnit is installed globally. If we were to
 regular composer require-dev, we will now need to update all PHPUnit
 invocations to use the `vendor/bin/phpunit` path because IIRC, Travis
 images already have PHPUnit installed.

  - This will require us to update the `Gruntfile.js` to use the new
 `vendor/bin/phpunit` executable instead of the global one.

 I understand why whoever decided to use `composer install` in the Travis
 to install phpunit, but with WordPress dropping PHP 5.2 (so we will always
 have composer)` I think it's a good time to finally clean up and fix.

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