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#46759: Front-end admin bar in user selected language
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 I'm administering and developing a non-English RTL website. However I've
 set my user language to English. I'm more fluent in English; I'm used to
 having my menu on the left; I'm more familiar with the English
 nomenclature than the translated versions (eg. 'plugins' gets translated
 to some silly thing that I can never quite remember means 'plugins') etc.

 However the admin-bar on the front-end is output in the default site
 language and not in the user-selected language. It would be extremely
 helpful to have the admin-bar on the front-end be in the user-selected
 language and not in the site's default language. Or at least to have the
 option to set the front-end admin-bar language in the User Profile.

 I would also suggest that this should be considered the "correct"
 behaviour. The admin-bar is in essence a part of the admin back-end and
 should therefore be localized for the specific user/admin accessing it.
 Regardless of the front-end/public-facing locale settings.

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