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#45073: Upgrading to 5.0 and handling the Gutenberg plugin
 Reporter:  mcsf             |       Owner:  mcsf
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Comment (by dd32):

 Hi :) This comment might seem a little blunt and out-of-nowhere, but it
 turns out I have some strong feelings here, and this ticket seems to be
 going in a direction that I don't think is right, this is meant
 constructive and I'm happy to work with anyone else to come to a final
 solution here (DM me on Slack if needed)


 Speaking from a practical stand point here, a lot of what I'm seeing
 within [attachment:"Upgrade Paths revision 2.jpg"] doesn't feel ideal, and
 is definitely not the message which I believe WordPress should be putting
 forward here.

 The post-upgrade screen should be a celebration of the new editor, it
 shouldn't be giving the feeling of half-baked or "you probably don't want
 this" which I'm getting from the proposed changes.

 A small side-note of `Things not working as expected? The _Classic Editor_
 plugin is available` is reasonable, but definitely shouldn't be front-and-

 '''Upgrade Path 1 - No Plugins'''

 > WordPress 5.0 is available - This update brings a whole new editing
 experience ...
 Unfortunately at present we don't have the ability to customise the
 display of the update message about the upcoming release in previous
 WordPress versions.
 If anything though, such a message should be positive and shouldn't be
 giving mixed signals or giving the user fear of clicking the button.

 If we really need to add the message there, that'll require a 4.9.9
 release prior to 5.0 to add that feature - but keep in mind that not all
 users will be upgrading to 5.0 from such a 4.9.9 release.

 > The new Gutenberg editor is now your default editor. Do you want to
 change that? learn more

 Asking the user immediately after updating feels like the wrong time to be
 asking this, it's just way too early.
 The user is unlikely to be informed and probably doesn't know what
 "Gutenberg" is anyway (either by codename, OR by using it).

 To me, it feels like we're jumping ahead and saying "Hey, we've changed
 things and we're not really sure it's for you".

 > Welcome Box: Try the new editor ...
 That feels way out of place as well, most users would have probably hidden
 that box as well, the main audience of it is the new users on a fresh
 WordPress site.

 '''Upgrade Path 2 - Classic Editor plugin activated'''

 Seems like the Classic Editor plugin should definitely add a note to the
 post-Upgrade screen '''and''' to the new-post screen to mention that it's
 active, and it's changing the experience the user will get.

 I don't think that's something that Core should do at all.

 '''Upgrade Path 3 - Gutenberg plugin activated'''

 As core will be disabling the Gutenberg plugin, there should be a bold
 obvious note of that. I think it's reasonable to expect that if a user has
 the plugin installed, they have seen the phrase Gutenberg and has probably
 tried it. The note should be only really be outweighed by the "Welcome to
 5.0" heading, and there's zero reason to hide it away in a tab - doing so
 is just asking for it to be never read, and possibly leading to a confused
 user later.

 I'd suggest something like this: (of course, this needs a lot of word-
 > The Gutenberg plugin has been deactivated, as the features are now
 included in WordPress 5.0 by default. If you'd like to continue to test
 the upcoming changes in the WordPress Editing Experience, please
 [Reactivate the Gutenberg Plugin].


 Based on the above, I believe the focus of this should be a little more
 clear and concise:
  - Ensure that the Classic Editor plugin properly announces itself where
 needed (Including it adding a note to the post-upgrade page if needed)
  - Ensure that the Gutenberg plugin is disabled upon upgrade to 5.0, and
 if it was active, that status be noted for later use
  - Add a positive note welcoming the user to 5.0 with it's new editor.
 Maybe with a small side-note that the Classic Editor plugin is available
 if required
  - [If Applicable] Add a warning/note which is obvious to the user that
 the Gutenberg plugin was disabled as the feature-set is now included, and
 that if they'd like to continue beta-test Gutenberg Phase 2+ things that
 they should reactivate the plugin.

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