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#42725: Introduce gender compatible translation function, and gender user profile
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 For years, the WordPress translators community has needed to resort to
 painful compromises for languages with grammatical gender, where women are
 often discriminated by default.

 From strings like `Lead Developer` to simply `Author` or `Editor`, some
 languages will always refer to these as males, regardless of the user

 While modern English grammar is exceptionally capable of being gender
 neutral, many other languages do not share this trait. Forcing all
 languages to adopt a gender-neutral grammar, even when they're not capable
 of it, diminishes the appeal of WordPress to non-English speaking users,
 especially women - because in almost all languages, pseudo gender-neutral
 grammar just uses the male form.

 This ticket contains two patches.
 1. `gender-to-user-profile.diff` adds a user profile field for users to
 select their preferred grammatical gender (or pronoun). The default is
 `neutral`. This field was inspired by Facebook's and Wikipedia's field. It
 also introduces a `get_current_user_gender()`  helper method to retrieve
 this field value.

 2. `add-new-gender-translation-function.diff`: which adds a `_g()`
 function (also previously proposed in #36617 by @bastho), and support for
 it in `makepot.php` via an arguably simple prefix context hack, which
 makes it compatible with existing translation tool (see notes below about
 GlotPress support).


 - I added support in GlotPress for the `_wpg` context prefix via
 [https://github.com/GlotPress/GlotPress-WP/pull/855 GP Pull request 855]
 and the simple [https://github.com/yoavf/gp-gender gp-gender] plugin, to
 make the UI more cohesive.
 - The current patches are all fully functional but remain at the proof-of-
 concept level. A healthy discussion on the implementation and possible
 alternatives are more than welcome.
 - For simplicity purposes, `g()` assumes English will remain gender
 neutral, and so does only take one string as input. I'm happy to
 reconsider and let it have an optional three string input.
 - `_gx()` would be trivial to add, `gn()` not so much.

 - This proposal is part of my [https://2017.us.wordcamp.org/sessions
 /#wcorg-session-4139 WC US 2017 session].

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