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#35186: Put the Customizer "back" button next to the "Close" button
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 Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  Customize                |     Version:  4.4
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Changes (by afercia):

 * focuses:  ui, javascript, administration => ui, accessibility, javascript


 From an accessibility perspective, I've mentioned several times on other
 tickets the main issue is about the initial focus and placement of the UI
 controls. The initial focus is on the "back" button, thus everything that
 comes before ("X" close and Publish) is basically "skipped".

 For keyboard and screen reader users (and also on mobile), navigation
 through content is a linearized experience. Skipping content doesn't help.
 as some users won't have a clue there's some content ''before'' the point
 where their navigation experience starts. This actually hides content for
 some users.

 One more main concern often mentioned is about the Publish button on the
 top. While I understand that it's visually very prominent, it's not ideal
 in a linearized navigation experience. Just use your keyboard, land on a
 panel, do your edits, and now... oh no, now you have to tab backwards to
 the top to press the Publish button (assuming you've previously discovered
 it's placed there at the top).

 These main issues were never addressed properly and maybe it's time to
 think to some more radical change to improve the interface for everyone.

 I'd suggest everyone to completely forget for a while the visuals and
 think at the document structure in a linearized experience. What users
 really need in such a scenario?
 - I land in a panel, as first thing I need to know ''where'' I am: "Panel
 xx dedicated to bla bla"
 - then I should have the ability to go back (if not interested in this
 panel), close, or continue
 - following a WordPress pattern, then I should find the Help and Settings
 - then all the controls to edit stuff
 - when I'm done, then I should find the Publish button
 - after Publishing, then I'd be at a dead end: I'm at the bottom of the
 sidebar and to go back or close I should tab backwards through all the
 sidebar... not ideal. Maybe Back and Close should be moved (or duplicated)
 at the bottom

 This way, a typical workflow would be something like:

 You're in panel xx and here you can do bla bla > Go back > Close > Help >
 Settings > all the controls here > Publish > Go back > Close

 Re: the "x-swap" design I'm afraid it could be potentially confusing for
 users. I'd recommend to keep things simple. Avoid fancy things and just
 use one control for on action. Simplicity is the best guarantee to build a
 user interface that can be used by everyone.

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