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#42573: Templates not working properly
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     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  4.9.1
Component:  Themes        |     Version:  4.9
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Comment (by mark-k):

 @schlessera I think that what you basically say is that with themes that
 follow modern development practice (and actually plugins do that as well,
 so not sure why the separation at all), the whole editor thing is "false
 advertisement", as you can not actually edit a JS or CSS file and see
 results as either the theme has a build process that needs to run (JS) or
 you better do the change at SASS/LESS files to have them properly apply

 I agree with otto42, the impact of the caching should first be measured
 against a proper setup with a complex theme on a typical hosting server,
 not a local dev machine, as it has too many processes running to be able
 to deduct anything from testing on it. Then you can compare performance of
 cached version to non cached, and different caching intervals. My gut
 feeling, is that since we are talking here about human scale response
 times, 5 minutes will be too short and it will feel like there is no
 caching at all.

 IMO for 4.9.1 caching should just be scrapped. This is the path of least
 resistance and least risk. Then if some complex themes create an actual
 problems to users you will be able to have a judgment call on whether it
 is a theme problem that is not worthy of being handled in core.

 In any case, for people that have the editor disabled, caching should
 never be triggered, or better, have the caching limited to the context of
 the theme/plugin editor.

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