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#23022: Always set posts to draft status when untrashing
 Reporter:  harrym                               |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                          |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                               |   Milestone:  Future
Component:  Posts, Post Types                    |  Release
 Severity:  normal                               |     Version:  2.9
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                                                 |  administration

Comment (by pankajmohale):

 Replying to [ticket:23022 harrym]:
 > In some situations it is bad when trashed posts immediately go live
 after being untrashed. Such as:
 > * A published post is found to have libellous/wrong/other_bad content in
 > * Admin trashes the post
 > * Admin wants to edit the post and republish it without the bad things
 > * Admin cannot do this without republishing the bad things, which they
 cannot do.
 > I appreciate that the user should have unpublished the post rather than
 trashing it but people don't always think clearly in these situations, and
 once you're in it, you can't get out -- your options are to republish,
 permanently delete, or leave the post in limbo.
 > I did wonder if it would be better to make trashed posts
 viewable/editable in the admin but that felt like a pretty big move, and
 one that would make the status of a trashed post much less clear and
 rather ambiguous.
 > So, the attached patch sets all untrashed posts to draft status, rather
 than restoring their original status, which was the only other thing I
 could think of.
 > (Definitely happy to debate alternative solutions)

 // define the untrash_post callback
 function action_untrash_post( $post_id ) {

     $post_status = get_post_meta($post_id, '_wp_trash_meta_status', true);

     $post['post_status'] = $post_status;

     delete_post_meta($post_id, '_wp_trash_meta_status');
     delete_post_meta($post_id, '_wp_trash_meta_time');

     wp_insert_post( wp_slash( $post ) );



 // add the action
 add_action( 'untrash_post', 'action_untrash_post', 10, 1 );

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