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#36368: Add capability for `admin_access`
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 Many, many plugins do various types of checking of capabilities the
 determine if a user should ''really'' have the ability to view the
 WordPress admin. It's very common to prevent that from happening.

 Within WordPress's roles and capabilities, there are many checks that have
 something to do with the admin, like `edit_posts` and myriad others, but
 there isn't one that's an explicit `admin_access` check.

 Even a Subscriber role sees the toolbar by default, only to be able to
 edit their profile and see WordPress news, the activity widget (and
 Akismet stats btw) once they log in. I can't imagine many scenarious where
 this is truly wanted by site administrators -- for lower level users to
 even know what CMS the site uses, much less view the admin.

 I'd love to see `admin_access` or a similar capability enabled in core. I
 think for backward compatibility reasons, it may have to be set to `true`
 for all roles by default, but at least plugins would have a standard
 capability to flag for disabling it.

 It'd also be nice as a "Reading" option for the site owner to choose roles
 that should have access to the admin and would trigger this capability --
 but that's probably wishing too much from a core standpoint.

 @drewapicture has a plugin called [https://wordpress.org/plugins/remove-
 dashboard-access-for-non-admins/ Remove Dashboard Access] that has a
 [https://cloudup.com/cn67XAgAIop pretty thorough UI], if folks were
 interested in taking this the next step, but I'd rather focus on the
 capability itself as the primary mission of this ticket.

 To me this is a new user experience issue and would make for a very
 helpful flag for plugin authors, at a minimum.

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