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#35780: New data-type: recordable video
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 Hello there

 I am suggesting a new data-type 'recordable video' within Wordpress core.
 Do not have a clear idea what data types you currently have and how they
 are implemented.

 Already have raised this on slack and were recommended to raise this as a
 ticket instead. My goal is to make WordPress accessible for Sign Language
 users! They are mostly Deaf people who express their messages, comments,
 posts in Sign Language.

 Currently it is a pain to record a video message with a separate software,
 to convert, to compress and to upload it back to WordPress. That's not
 fair compared to those hearing people who just can type in the Form and
 submit that.

 There is an open source npm library to record videos, asynchronous, in
 plain JavaScript and HTML, see https://github.com/binarykitchen/videomail-

 Here is an exact example how this could work:

 With the videomail-client you can add a recordable <video> element linked
 to your webcam inside any form. Very easily.

 As a plus, it also supports audio! Like that also those who can hear, not
 just deaf people, could just hit the record button, say something and
 submit that right away. That would be awesome for everyone. Just takes few
 seconds to encode, depending on the length and your bandwidth. All plain
 JS, using the getUserMedia() API.

 I am not trying to advertise my code but to distribute it on well-known
 CMS, this to improve the lives of Deaf people including me (I've been
 hacking JS, PHP, HTML and much more for > 22 yrs).

 Feedback very welcome. I am very happy to submit PRs if I have your
 blessings and can count on your guidance where to start.


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