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#31530: Shiny Updates: Installing themes
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     Type:  task (blessed)   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  4.2
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Comment (by stephdau):

 I've started looking into this and #31529. I started with the AJAX

 `wp_ajax_install_plugin()` ([source:/trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/ajax-
 actions.php#L2884 src]) can easily either be ported to a theme-specific
 version, or be refactored into one function to handle both plugins and
 themes. I'd venture a theme-specific instance is a better way to go, in
 case either diverges, and since it's what's done in a lot of
 plugins/themes related code in WP.

 The only process in `wp_ajax_install_plugin()` that currently can't be
 ported by simply changing 'plugin' for 'theme' in that function is
 `install_plugin_install_status()`, which we'll need an equivalent of. The
 closest in themes, currently, is `get_theme_update_available()` (also uses
 `get_site_transient('update_themes')`, as
 `install_plugin_install_status()` uses

 Other small difference: the `themes_api()` definition is in
 [source:/trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/theme.php theme.php], not
 [source:/trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php theme-install.php]
 and unlike `plugins_api()`, which lives in [source:/trunk/src/wp-
 admin/includes/plugin-install.php plugin-install.php].

 I haven't looked into the details of the `wp_ajax_update_plugin` (aka
 #31529), but since it also uses code that has a theme equivalent (updates
 transient, `Plugin_Upgrader` vs `Theme_Upgrader`), the same is quite

 Any thoughts on:
  * theme vs plublic specific AJAX action vs one hat handles install for
 both plugin/theme, same for updates?
  * creating a `install_theme_install_status()` function in theme-
 install.php based on `install_plugin_install_status()`?

 Once we have functional AJAX actions for the themes, the rest is mainly
 UX, right? Swapping install buttons for updates, having both use the AJAX
 actions instead of going to up the updates page, etc.

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