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#29906: Submenus can't be dismissed on mobile.
 Reporter:  obenland                             |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)                         |      Status:  new
 Priority:  high                                 |   Milestone:  4.3
Component:  Toolbar                              |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                               |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  make-flow has-patch needs-testing    |     Focuses:
  desktop-bias                                   |

Comment (by designsimply):

 Replying to [comment:65 seanchayes]:
 > Here's what I'm seeing with '''29906.5.diff''' on iOS
 > When I tap the sitename nav element the submenu appears. I tap the admin
 bar and the submenu is dismissed and the focus coloring is remove from the
 sitename nav element. If I tap the sitename nav element immediately after
 then the tap is "eaten", the focus coloring still exists. If I then
 immediately tap the admin bar the focus coloring is removed. If I then tap
 again on the sitename nav element the experience repeats although this
 time I'll tap again on sitename nav element and the submenu appears. At
 this time I can tap the sitename nav element and the submenu is dismissed.

 I would summarize this as:

 * Tap the empty black bar and then tap any icon (takes to taps to open it
 at that point)

 I think this issue is an edge case bug and not a blocker for 4.3, and I
 think we should open a separate ticket for it if it's still a problem
 after #29906 is closed.

 > The by-product of this patch is that the original links for sitename,
 "+" and avatar nav elements are not available on mobile devices. Those
 links, however, can be accessed elsewhere in the available nav elements.
 And the focus coloring remains on the touched  nav element - current
 behavior would take you to that link.

 This sounds good. From what I understand, this is the expected behavior.

 > So, I have prepared '''29906.6.diff''' that turns off the blue highlight
 color after you open and close a menu (see comment:51). However, the
 "eaten" tap on iOS is still apparent :-(

 I tested 29906.6.diff and the blue icon color is turned off after closing
 the dashboard, home, and new post icons but the hamburger icon never turns
 blue at all like it used to. I tested with Safari iOS 8.3 on iPhone 6 with
 WP 4.3-alpha-32943 + 29906.6.diff. @seanchayes, does the hamburger icon
 still turn blue when you test 29906.6.diff on iOS? Is that something you
 can fix?

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