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#32744: Post Editor Automatically Deletes Soft Hyphens
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 Hi Chriki, welcome to the WordPress core trac.

 Adding soft hyphen (U+00AD) characters in the editor is working properly
 here. They are normally invisible. From Wikipedia:

  (The U+00AD character) serves as an invisible marker used to specify a
 place in text where a hyphenated break is allowed.
  It becomes visible only after word wrapping at the end of a line.

 In WordPress TinyMCE is set to convert almost all HTML entities to
 characters, so even if you paste `­` in the Text editor, it will be
 converted to the U+00AD character after switching to the Visual editor.
 There's no good way to see these characters other than to preview the
 content and resize the window until a word is wrapped.

 You can also check if they exist from the browser console:

 tinymce.activeEditor.getContent().replace(/\u00ad/g, '$shy;');

 TinyMCE has a menu item to (temporarily) show invisible characters, but
 the menu is not used in WordPress by default. A plugin can be installed to
 enable it. Perhaps we can add a keyboard shortcut for that (although it
 seems a bit buggy)?

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