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#32470: Abstracting the Widget Classes
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Comment (by jacobsantos):

 The interfaces patch introduces interfaces in a naive implementation. This
 is for feedback and to show what I'm leaning towards. Future patches will
 hopefully have a better and more complete implementation. Also move
 default-widgets.php over to the interfaces as well.

 The patch currently does not show how to remove the need of extending
 WP_Widget, but future patch will. I decided also while I was looking over
 the code that it might be better to just clean up more of the code and
 move over to a registry and move everything else to interfaces as well. It
 will still be naive, but I want to write unit tests and get the
 implementation working on current systems to prove that backwards
 compatibility can still be maintained, even with going towards interfaces.

 The system also needs to review all code with widgets and create a more
 complete and better implementation with full knowledge of how the system
 is currently being used. This should also include how plugins and themes
 are using the API and how the API could be improved to simplify common use

 Please review and give feedback. Is it worth continuing or do you have any
 questions? It might make more sense once the refactoring is complete.

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