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#32991: wp_delete_post() does not return a WP_Post object
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Changes (by DrewAPicture):

 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => Future Release


 Turns out that the return documentation is actually ''still'' incorrect
 because `wp_trash_post()` can return a `WP_Post` object. Should be
 `array|false|stdClass|WP_Post`, though once we get above about three or
 four types it makes a lot more sense to use something like a `mixed` type
 for readability (what it used to be prior to [29093]).

 That said, I definitely introduced the incorrect return documentation in
 [29093], not paying close enough attention that we were returning the row
 directly (looks like a `WP_Post` object, talks like a `WP_Post` object,
 but isn't one).

 Don't know that there's any other explanation than that maybe
 `wp_delete_post()` was introduced (sometime before [1353]) before
 `get_post()` [2478] and never got switched over from `wpdb->get_row()` to

 For that matter, looks like `wp_delete_attachment()` also returns the row
 instead of a `WP_Post` object though `wp_trash_post()` returns a `WP_Post`

 Seems like we might be safe in switching it now, especially since these
 two functions seem to be the exception. Also worth noting that
 `clean_post_cache()` takes the object through `get_post()`, so we might as
 well bring `wp_delete_post()` and `wp_delete_attachment()` into the fold.

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