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#32844: Remove Post Formats and make them an optional plugin like Links
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Comment (by chipbennett):

 Replying to [comment:19 littlefyr]:
 > Agreed. Probably the most compelling use case for Post Format is one
 where I have a serial collection (ie Posts) of things but on any given day
 I'll want to have a different thing and that thing is distinguished not by
 its style, but by its content.

 The key thing to remember - and I remember the epiphany way back when Post
 Formats were first introduced - is that the feature is not a custom
 ''content'' (i.e. ''post'') type, but rather a custom ''taxonomy'', for a
 given ''content'' (i.e. ''post'') type.

 A blog post (i.e. the content type) can have different kinds of
 information. How that information gets entered and stored is really what
 needs to be fleshed out and standardized.

 For a post with the Link post format, does the user enter the link as the
 Post Title, or the Post Content - or maybe as post meta data? Is the link
 entered as a raw URL, or does it have a link title for constructing a
 fully formed HTML link? Does a post with the Link post format also allow
 for descriptive content?

 Does a post with the Aside post format have a Post Title?

 Are videos, audios, and images configured as post attachments? Post meta?

 Those are the kinds of questions that really need to be answered, in and
 by core, in order for Post Formats to be truly useful.

 I think those things can be answered with the feature remaining in core.
 Others may disagree.

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