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#25229: Add Inline Docs for Hooks
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Comment (by naomicbush):

 Replying to [comment:74 DrewAPicture]:
 > [attachment:wp-admin-plugin-install.25229.diff] — @naomicbush:
 > * Add spacing to filters and actions per coding standards while you're
 documenting them, e.g. `apply_filters( 'hook', 'callback' )` vs
 apply_filters('hook', 'callback')`.
 > * `'install_plugins_pre_' . $tab`, rather than generalizing that install
 or plugin information are tabs, specify that the action fires before each
 tab is loaded. Add a long description if you think it will make it
 > * Other than that, looks good.
 > [attachment:wp-admin-includes-plugin-install.25229.diff] — @naomicbush:
 > * "Requested information" is a little too succinct. Maybe be a little
 more descriptive.
 > * Space out actions and filters per coding standards
 > * "Merely add a result" isn't going to work. Each filter or action
 should be viewed as independent. "Merely add a result" makes sense in the
 context of the file and other hooks but not independently.
 > * Remove all functional docs changes. Let's just stick with hooks and
 filters for now. If you'd like to submit a functional docs patch
 separately, create a new ticket on the Inline Docs component and we'll
 discuss those there.

 Thanks for the feedback, DrewAPicture. Patches revised.

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