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#25345: WordPress Network uses UTC for default time zone for new blogs
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Component:  Multisite     |     Version:  3.6.1
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Comment (by helen):

 Replying to [comment:3 dd32]:
 > But at the same time, We make it very easy for plugins to implement this
 logic, and that is a much better user experience (Selecting *all* the
 > As a result, I don't think this should focus on the timezone
 specifically, but in a more general approach of "Do we want to allow
 Network Administrators to select new-site defaults in the admin, without a

 Agree. There are tickets about timezone setting difficulties already,
 anyway. I'm very much torn between "well, this screen is crazy already, it
 would be better if it let you define all defaults instead of a seemingly
 arbitrary set" and "omg this screen is crazy, let's clear it out and leave
 it all to a plugin".

 I lean toward the latter, because of course I do, and because if ever we
 want multisite to become more generally accessible, it needs to be
 simplified. However, I definitely think that new site defaults needs to
 become its own settings page and thought put into how to make it less
 overwhelming (it can still be more powerful if we go that route). It's
 pretty ugly that we're mixing network settings with site defaults on one
 screen, I think.

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