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#25350: Make URL parameter for activation key parameter filterable
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qileP4bAzek sums up the situation pretty

 > It does look like line 61 and 76 in wp-activate.php should be $_GET[
 $key_param], no?

 Oops, my bad. See 25350.02.patch.

 > We could expand this to filter both they key and the URL, but key seems
 most important now.

 Yeah, that's a good idea, though not central to the bug in this ticket.

 > In addition to the filter, it would make sense to change the default
 parameter name to something that Office 365 does let through.

 The problem with changing the default parameter is that it'll probably
 break a fair number of sites. Some plugins (like BuddyPress) and probably
 many more standalone installations use the
 `'wpmu_signup_blog_notification_email'` and
 `'wpmu_signup_user_notification_email'` to modify the default content of
 the activation email. It's likely that in many of these cases, the
 activation link is being built using the hardcoded string 'key'. I suppose
 we could do something like 25350.03.patch, which would continue to support
 the 'key' param where it's currently in use.

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