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#25229: Add Inline Docs for Hooks
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:74 DrewAPicture]:
 > [attachment:wp-links-opml.diff] — @netweb:
 > * `opml_head` action: Space it out per coding standards, and drop the
 `?>` to a new line. Also, the short description should describe when it
 fires, e.g. "Fires in the OPML head." or something
 > * Anytime you find yourself writing "Allows you to filter something",
 just use "Filter something". "Allows you to" makes an implication about
 ''how'', instead of ''what''
 > * `@param` lines 54, 69 need a period after the short description
 > * Spacing issues with the docblock for `link_title` L#64

 Thanks for the feedback :) Fixed in

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