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#25052: Updates and downloads should be signed
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Comment (by bpetty):

 Replying to [comment:7 dd32]:
 > To be blunt, I don't think this is something that we'll be implementing
 at present (user initiated signing), it's a lot of extra work for "minimal

 Well, I don't think it's "minimal benefit", but I do agree that there's
 huge problems in the architecture of how the plugins repository works that
 make this impossible right now, and I certainly don't see those being
 solved anytime in the next year or two. Sorry if I didn't make that clear

 > Peoples credentials falling into a malicious user's hands is probably
 not something that should be fixed through code either, instead, 2 factor
 authentication (for svn, that'd likely require svn+ssh://) or email-
 confirmation-of-releases would be more appropriate.

 That's cool too (see #meta77), but there's nothing wrong with using both
 (and again, they both still cover different attack vectors and uses).

 > So in conclusion: I think #25007 ( optionally with #25252 ) is going to
 provide us enough of a security boost for 3.7.
 > I also think that we should still look into making a package signature
 available for downloads somehow, even if we don't utilise them within
 WordPress quite yet.

 Yeah, I think this is good for now. To be clear, I think deciding on how
 packages should be signed, and signing core packages are a great start.

 I don't think that plugins or themes should be signed at all right now. It
 wouldn't be fair to sign WP.org plugins and themes with a WP.org key that
 would lock us into never allowing author-signed packages in the future
 even if we could eventually, especially when as you pointed out, it won't
 actually provide any benefit.

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