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#25268: Re-enable processing of scheduled and private posts in
 Reporter:  jond3r        |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Media         |    Version:  3.3.2
 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:  has-patch
 The purpose of {{{_fix_attachment_links()}}} is to change attachment links
 in post content to its final "pretty" format, if non-default permalinks
 are enabled. The function is called late in the post update cycle, and for
 posts transitioned from draft to published, the attachment links are fixed
 by calling {{{get_attachment_link()}}} with the post in a 'publish'
 status. While a post is in draft status, {{{get_attachment_link()}}} will
 return permalinks of the form !http://mysite.com/?attachment_id=xxx, and
 when the post is published, {{{get_attachment_link()}}} will typically
 return something like !http://mysite.com/parent-post-slug/attachment-
 slug/, i.e. in a pretty format.

 At present however, {{{_fix_attachment_links()}}} will return prematurely,
 without accomplishing its task, for scheduled post and private posts. This
 is caused by the "sanity check" early up in the function which returns if
 pretty permalinks are not enabled or the post_status is not 'publish'.
 This sanity check was introduced in [20308] (v. 3.3.2), ticket #13429
 together with a major revamp of the function.

 The proposed attached patch modifies the sanity check to ignore posts of
 type 'attachment', and with a status of 'draft', 'pending' or 'auto-
 draft'. This latter check is the same as done in {{{get_permalink()}}} to
 determine the type of link to return (pretty or not).

 There are some other post statuses that one might suspect being affected
 by this patch. Attachments have a status of 'inherit', and are explicitly
 excluded in the sanity check. Revisions also have a status of 'inherit',
 but will never end up in {{{_fix_attachment_links()}}}. The same applies
 for trashed posts, with a status of 'trash'. Thus only posts with a status
 of 'publish', 'private' or 'future' are let through the sanity check.

 Example procedure how to reproduce for scheduled posts:
 1.      Ensure that non-default permalinks are chosen in the Permalink
 1.      Create a new post, and add a title.
 1.      Add an unattached image to the content, and ensure that the Link
 To drop-down shows "Attachment Page". (The image is unattached if the URL
 in the text field below the drop-down contains "/?attachment_id=").
 1.      Schedule the post some minute in the future by clicking "Edit"
 next to "Publish immediately". Press OK.
 1.      Press "Schedule".
 1.      Observe that the attachment link URL is not changed in the content
 area (it still contains a "?"). The same applies when viewing the post
 after (and before) the post is transitioned to published.

 Contrast this to the behavior when the post is published immediately. Then
 the attachment link is changed (prettified) when "Publish" is pressed.

 Though not explicitly tested, I'm quite sure this is a regression
 introduced in [20308].

 The function {{{_fix_attachment_links()}}} dates back to [3145] (v.
 2.0.0), ticket #1870, under the name {{{fix_attachment_links()}}} in the
 now deprecated file admin-functions.php. In [5542] (v. 2.2.1) it was moved
 to /includes/post.php, and the function name was prepended by an _.

 The patch also changes the @since tag to 2.0.0 to reflect this, and fills
 in the missing type info for @param and @return. Possibly the @since tag
 should be 2.2.1?

 The material for this this ticket emerged in the process of refreshing

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