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#22998: new feture - wp open graph class but-in core
 Reporter:  lukbarros        |       Type:  feature request
   Status:  new              |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:  Awaiting Review  |  Component:  Themes
  Version:  3.5              |   Severity:  major
 Keywords:                   |
 Whereas the wordpress software is content management and this must be
 compatible for shares on social networks that has adopted fecebook pulled
 by the open graph protocol (http://ogp.me/).

 I feel in my projects this lack, before doing this manually in my
 header.php (in my head at the session theme html document) and ended up
 finding some third party plugins that try to solve the problem in
 different ways however implementing the outline of issues as: "What og:
 image page view?".

 Believing in the importance of the protocol, and I believe that many
 front-ends will agree with the importance, decides to research and
 implement the class wpog initially responsible for managing the data and
 writing the html tags ophen graph.

 Not all tags contemplated, but the intention here is to be able to show
 the architecture of the class as well as the base implementation of which
 will derive the other to meet all the definitions of open graph.

 I urge you to download the attachment with implmentação (wordpress 3.5 +
 standard implementation), use, test, and we discuss the incorporation of
 the standard design wordpress.

 Note comments documented in the code to understand it better.

 To locate the changes:

 1 - in wp-includes \ load.php on line 348 was added to the global function
 that Lavanta $ wpog.

 2 - in wp-settings.php on line 75 was added to the called function
 explained in item 1.

 3 - in wp-includes the file was added wp-og.php containing the class wpog
 and 2 functions to the list of functions 'template tags' for use in

 4 - in wp-content \ themes \ wpogTest \ header.php on line 28 demonstrate
 ways to use the new class wpog.

 I hope feedbacks!

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