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#22996: IE8 - Hierarchical Taxonomies with bulk terms cause massive slow-down /
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 For a project, we have about 550+ terms in a single taxonomy, the other
 taxonomies have around 10-40 each themselves too. There appears to be an
 issue when IE8 comes across too many checkboxes on a page, and this
 recently was exacerbated by an upgrade to WP 3.5. The upgrade itself
 didn't cause it, but it coincided with the addition of a few new terms
 (don't know how many were added before the upgrade just yet, will post if
 I find out more info).

 To reproduce, you've gotta have a large amount of terms for your
 taxonomies, then go into the post editor (for whatever post type you're
 testing on), and ensure your taxonomies have 'hierarchical' set to true in
 their definitions. I've seen the issue crop up on save (on subsequent load
 of the page w/ success message on it), and on open of the edit page

 The issue seems to be more severe for IE8 on Windows XP Service Pack <= 1,
 but I've seen it cause a massive slow-down for newer XP versions, just not
 freeze up entirely like it did on the XP SP 1 machine I was primarily
 testing on.

 ''I'm not really sure'' what the solution is going to have to be here, or
 if this will serve merely as a paper-trail for the folks searching for
 information about this.

 I did a blanket forceful change for checkbox input to autocomplete on the
 meta boxes associated to hierarchical taxonomies using the following Gist
 to resolve the freezing for now:


 Here's the info you'll probably ask for, I went down to the basics to see
 exactly what the cause was:

 1. No plugins activated (except a small plugin that had the Gist in it to
 resolve the issue for me)

 2. Standard Twenty Twelve theme activated

 3. Tested and found the issue happening on both WP 3.4.x and WP 3.5

 4. Tested on XP SP 1 with IE8, saw the greatest degradation of performance

 5. Tested on XP SP 3 with IE8, saw a noticeable freeze and then slow-down
 of performance as the page loads here

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