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#22962: Image thumbnail doesn't refresh after editing
 Reporter:  beerpulse        |       Type:  defect (bug)
   Status:  new              |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:  Awaiting Review  |  Component:  General
  Version:  3.5              |   Severity:  major
 Keywords:  needs-testing    |
 In the new media manager in 3.5, after editing an image's thumbnail, one
 would expect the 'refresh' button to re-load the thumbnail with the
 applied edits but the same un-edited image thumbnail reloads leaving it
 unknown whether the edits were applied. Not until you exit Media Manager &
 go to re-edit the same photo, do you see that your original changes were

 Steps to reproduce:

 1) Click 'Add New Media' in Post Editor[[BR]]

 2) Click any image in Media Manager[[BR]]

 3) Click 'Edit Image'[[BR]]

 [new tab opens with image editor][[BR]]

 4) Select a portion of the image to crop.[[BR]]

 5) Select the 'Thumbnail' button under 'Apply changes to'[[BR]]

 6) Click the crop button[[BR]]

 7) Click save underneath the newly-cropped image.[[BR]]

 8) Click update.[[BR]]

 9) Click back to media manager tab[[BR]]

 10) Click 'refresh' underneath image thumbnail.[[BR]]

 [Newly-cropped thumbnail does not appear][[BR]]

 11) Click off of the media manager to exit.[[BR]]

 12) Click 'Add New Media' again[[BR]]

 13) Click same image[[BR]]

 14) Click 'Edit image'[[BR]]

 [image editor tab loads showing updated thumbnail with previous changes]

 Those changes should appear at step 10.

 This may be of normal severity but I've marked as major because it adds
 additional steps to updating a thumbnail than what was required in 3.4. I
 do a ton of thumbnail-editing so I'm admittedly biased.

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