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#22862: Consider a CSS preprocessor
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 In terms of proposing something, let's back it up and just talk about
 using a CSS preprocessor as a general concept and not choose one or the
 other just yet. It will hopefully keep us on the right track rather than
 spurring an ideological battle :)

 The disadvantages listed are where my current feeling lies when it comes
 to WordPress core development. It would be a great disservice to alienate
 so many current and potential contributors who are unfamiliar with a given
 (or any) preprocessor and what it means for workflow. For full disclosure,
 I don't use them myself, and don't have a detailed view of what it means
 for what we would then have to do on the core side to accommodate. What I
 do know is that it adds an extra layer of learning, abstraction, and
 development work, especially for folks who are less frequent contributors,
 just learning, or not necessarily development-minded. It's important to
 remember that anybody can contribute to WordPress, even just once to fix
 that one thing that's bugging them. Whether or not it's accurate, a
 perception that higher level knowledge of the admin and its components is
 expected or required would intimidate many.

 Basically, the idea of a higher barrier to entry in an area where we can
 always use more help makes me squirm, and that there are currently
 multiple preprocessors that seem equally popular only adds to my

 I highly encourage you to take the time to really look at our CSS files. I
 think you'll find there is only one big one for the admin, with a few
 separated out for colors and specific elements, and then some sheets that
 are in wp-includes because they can be included on the front, also for
 specific elements (TinyMCE, buttons, media [which begat buttons on the
 front]). I'm sure you've taken a look, but not having seen you around core
 UI before, it's hard to know how close that look has been.

 If anybody would like to do a little proof-of-concept, I would suggest the
 two color sheets as starting points, and think it would be best if both of
 the really popular preprocessors (SASS and LESS, to be clear) were
 accounted for. I definitely have viewed color schemes as a favorable
 starting point in the past when this has come up in UI chats, and would
 love to see what advantages and disadvantages they bring in practice.

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