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#22811: Make WordPress.org's links use http or https by auto-detection
 Reporter:  Daedalon         |       Type:  defect (bug)
   Status:  new              |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:  Awaiting Review  |  Component:  WordPress.org site
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 WordPress.org's links are hardcoded to use the http protocol despite the
 pages also being viewable using https (which is great). This causes
 unwanted hassle with eg. bookmarks, showing which pages were or were not
 visited and so forth.

 An example of the steps to reproduce:

 1. Go to a https URL (eg.
 https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q= with the search string
 appended after the "=", this being the only way to search on WordPress.org
 via https as all the forms redirect to http).
 2. Type anything in any of the search forms.
  -> A warning is shown that you're being redirected to an unencrypted


 3. Go to a https URL (eg. https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/types/ ).
 4. Bookmark the page. Imagine a few months happening before the next step.
 5. Click the Description tab (when browsing normally you'd click another
 tab in between but it's not a necessary step here).
 6. You're now on a page that you haven't bookmarked. Bookmark it, because
 you like this page and don't remember having bookmarked a rather identical
 page months ago.
 7. You end up having multiple bookmarks for the same pages.

 The fix for all these is rather easy on paper: have all links on
 wordpress.org that point to wordpress.org automatically use the protocol
 used for loading the page currently being viewed. Start with having forms'
 targets use this, then navigational links, and later consider either auto-
 converting links in page contents (eg. plugin descriptions) or mentioning
 the possibility of using "://" links for this next to editors.

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