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#22790: Duplicating Embed-Codes
 Reporter:  Bichareh      |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  3.5
Component:  TinyMCE       |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  critical      |  Resolution:
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Comment (by nacin):

 From HTML4 schema to HTML5, a bunch of elements had their attributes
 removed. I excluded xml:lang and lang from the results — those should be
 available globally, probably.

 script --- language, xml:space

 style --- xml:space

 object --- declare, codebase, codetype, archive, standby, tabindex, align,
 border, hspace, vspace

 param --- valuetype, type

 p --- align

 a --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur, charset, name, hreflang, rev, shape,

 br --- clear

 h1 --- align

 img --- name, longdesc, align, border, hspace, vspace

 h2 --- align

 iframe --- longdesc, frameborder, marginwidth, marginheight, scrolling,

 h3 --- align

 input --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur, usemap, onselect, onchange, align

 select --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur, onchange

 textarea --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur, onselect, onchange

 label --- onfocus, onblur

 button --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur

 h4 --- align

 h5 --- align

 h6 --- align

 div --- align

 ul --- type, compact

 li --- type

 ol --- type, compact

 dl --- compact

 menu --- compact

 pre --- width, xml:space

 hr --- align, noshade, size, width

 legend --- align

 table --- summary, width, frame, rules, cellspacing, cellpadding, align,

 caption --- align

 col --- width, align, char, charoff, valign

 colgroup --- width, align, char, charoff, valign

 thead --- align, char, charoff, valign

 tr --- align, char, charoff, valign, bgcolor

 th --- abbr, axis, align, char, charoff, valign, nowrap, bgcolor, width,

 form --- onsubmit, onreset, accept

 td --- abbr, axis, scope, align, char, charoff, valign, nowrap, bgcolor,
 width, height

 tfoot --- align, char, charoff, valign

 tbody --- align, char, charoff, valign

 area --- tabindex, onfocus, onblur, nohref

 body --- onload, onunload, background, bgcolor, text, link, vlink, alink

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