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#14264: Add support for HTML5 Section elements to editor
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed
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Component:  TinyMCE      |     Version:  3.0
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Comment (by MarcusPope):

 Sorry, we're talking about two different aspects.  I'm not advocating
 forcing the front end or back end to use HTML5.  HTML5 usage can be turned
 on in the backend content editable iframe only without having the parent
 document switched from xhtml.  And the front end is purely up to the

 I completely meant this as a plugin / configurable option for users who
 want it.  My point was that it is not possible now without disabling
 wpautop because it considers the anchor tag an inline content only tag and
 will break block anchor tags in the markup.  And there is no way of
 changing that without "subclassing" the filter.  With wpautop disabled,
 the browser does not mangle the output (all modern browsers, and many
 older variants.)  I'm not saying force it on everyone including ie7 users
 with disability access, but just to make it available to those who want an
 HTML5 site AND make use of block level anchor tags without disabling

 I suppose I could duplicate the entire wpautop logic in a plugin, but that
 seems like a bad choice.  Allowing block level anchor tags in markup
 (whether by configuration setting or by default) doesn't affect users who
 want to continue using xhtml layouts.

 I know this works because I'm using it now by completely disabling
 wpautop.  I'll work on the solution in that function and propose a patch
 if that's what needs to happen.

 I'm sorry for the confusion here.

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