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#19063: Custom post_types and get_template_part
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Comment (by impleri):

 > Please try not to post big walls of text; it's hard to follow.
 Apologies. I write/talk a lot (12+ years of uni does that!)

 > I was hoping for a few short examples, in the form of: "When loading URL
 X, with line of code Y, I can load template Z."

 Which is why I provided a URL to an actual example I am working with. The
 URL is for a custom post_type (ml_product) which has its own custom
 metadata (book information). Since it is a CPT, most of its code is
 standard WP handling. However, the template needs to display the book
 metadata (authors, cover image, publication date, whatever). I currently
 hack the entire template through the `archive_template` filter.

 > I wasn't suggesting going lower down the stack, but higher i.e. to
 get_archive_template() etc. as you later suggest.

 Wouldn't going higher make it harder for template authors to provide their
 own template? Also, using `get_*_template()` is already possible (through
 the `*_template` filter called in `get_query_template()`). It still
 requires plugins to output the entire template instead of the small
 portion which they are adapting (i.e. `#div > #content`).
 `get_template_part()` can handle that exact section.

 > I attempt to tackle that with  Theme Wrappers, but it's something that
 theme authors must adopt.
 I agree that everything should be reduced to a single wrapper, but I don't
 see how Theme Wrappers does it any differently from `get_template_part()`.
 In fact, what differences are there in `archive.php` and `single.php`
 which cannot be resolved by using `get_template_part()` or abstracting
 them into `loop-archive.php` and `loop-single.php` to complement the
 `content-archive.php` and `content-single.php` files?

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