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#16509: Offer remote install-script as installer option
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 I think this is a good idea.  I've seen several versions of this concept,
 with [http://code.google.com/p/tinywp/ tinywp] being the only one that was
 ''just'' a download bootstrapper.  In my opinion, it was too bare bones.
 Also, I didn't see it submitted as a patch ;-).

 Unlinke other third party tools (hat tip to [http://wpquickinstall.com
 wpquickinstall]), the version I submitted, [[attachment:wp-install.php]],
 is not an installer replacement.  It's a download bootstrapper, with as
 much compatibility as I could cram in.

 It will use curl, fopen, and fsockopen to connect to wordpress.org, it has
 support for ziparchive as well as pclzip (hosted on my test site
 currently, but should be hosted on wp.org), is styled with the WP style,
 works on the command line as well as in the browser, and will perform a
 safety-check before overwriting any files.


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