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#14648: Flash Uploader security error in IDN domains
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Component:  Media                     |     Version:  2.8.3
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 IDN handling is different related to Browsers! WebKit based browser like
 Safari and Chrome work with PunyCode URL's but others like IE, Firefox and
 Opera doesn't.
 This is a problem of Cross Site Scripting detection and can be realize and
 tested, if the Blog is configured to an PunyCode Url. [[BR]]

 example out of a case I did investigate: [[BR]]
 IDN: http://с-проект.рф [[BR]]
 PunyCode: http://xn----jtbpoegeo.xn--p1ai [[BR]]

 If you  try to call a JSON request like this example with the generated
 admin_url() out of WordPress, which would become the PunyCode one:

         new Ajax.Request('http://xn----jtbpoegeo.xn--p1ai/wp-admin/admin-
 ajax.php' ?>',
                         parameters: {
                                 action: 'get_download_section'
                         onSuccess: function(transport) {
                         onFailure: function(transport) {
                                 alert('JSON security bug')

 and the answer is correct 'application/json' with correct JSON content,
 than this fails on all browsers except WebKit based! [[BR]]
 If you try it with the original IDN Url like:

         new Ajax.Request('http://с-проект.рф/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' ?>',
 it works now for all other browsers but fails now on WebKit based.

 My suggestion will be a conditional convertion back to IDN, if browser is
 '''not''' WebKit based.
 I did this inside my WordPress plugin "Codestyling Localization" and it
 works now in any case. I did use the class '''idna_convert''' from
 Matthias Sommerfeld for easy decode of PunyCode admin url's in such a

 Please check it also in relation to #11734 / #10690 / #14648 because this
 may also affect the flash uploader feeded with PunyCode url's instead of
 IDN for some browser!

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