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#16525: Clarification of license for phpatomlib / AtomLib
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Comment (by Otto42):

 Also, it is worth pointing out that the GPLv2 is fully cross-compatible
 with the GPLv1. The change in v2 was to add section 7 which basically
 clarifies that if you cannot fulfill the license terms, you have no right
 to distribute the software. This is not a new restriction in the sense of
 the GPLv1's no-extra-restrictions clause, and therefore v2 and v1 are
 completely cross-compatible (which is not the case with the GPLv3).

 Therefore there is no actual conflict. A GPLv1 package can legitimately
 contain GPLv2 code and vice-versa, as there's no extra restrictions on
 GPLv2 code under the GPLv1 definition.

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